Peer Pressure Does More Good than Harm

People believe that peer pressure is the main reason why kids are going astray today. However, looking solely at the harmful effects people have forgotten to notice that peer pressure can actually be beneficial and outweigh the downside of peer pressure in many cases. Through this post I will try convincing you that peer pressure does more good than harm!


The Mid World – A story by Ansh Bomb

Hi all! I have written a short story- on Greek mythology. It is about Andalante, a contigenecy seeker, who 'accidentally' discovers a whole new world. This story has been written by me and I would love to get your feedback on my story! 🙂 Kudos ~Ansh Bomb

Judicial Interference in Legislature

Hey guys, recently I had a debate on how interference of judiciary in legislative reforms dilutes democracy. I was for the motion and after research, my perspective did change. I hope you guys enjoy this. Feel free to drop me an email if you want to discuss this at further lengths! 🙂

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